Sample Articles
May 30

Issue #12

The Struggle for Central Africa

By Carl O. Schuster
On 10 January 2013 a coalition of Islamist groups seized the central Mali city of Konna, a key locale lying along the southern limits of the Sahara Desert and about 375 miles northeast of Mali’s capital Bamako. It was the culmination of a year-long advance that had seen all of northern Mali fall under Islamist domination, and it would bring the armed forces of several nations into combat deep in west-central Africa.

May 12

Issue #11

Cold War Armor:
The M24 Chaffee Light Tank

By Kelly Bell
The US Army’s M3/M5 Stuart light tank was small, fast, maneuverable and hard-to-hit, but it lacked the firepower and armor needed to deal with enemy tanks that were bigger and more heavily gunned. The Stuart’s performance in World War II made it clear its duties lay strictly in reconnaissance and infantry support. Something else was needed to match more massive opponents; therefore, in 1943 the new M24 Chaffee light tank went into production.

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Feb 4

Issue #10

Focus on Eastern Europe

By Maciej Jonasz
Throughout the Cold War the armed forces of the east European countries were little more than extensions of the Soviet military. They all relied on conscription and they fielded primarily heavy armored and mechanized formations. Soviet weapons and doctrine predominated, so training emphasized rapid thrusts into western Europe.

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